• Shifting Sands – Larusi’s new collection of rare vintage Tuareg rugs

    Unveiling the Shifting Sands Collection

    Larusi, synonymous with excellence and curated aesthetics, introduces a remarkable ensemble of Tuareg rugs that resonate with the echoes of history.... read more

  • At the heart of these rugs lies a rich heritage, meticulously nurtured over generations. Nomadic tribes, traversing the expansive Sahara Desert, wove these mats with dedication and... read more

  • Conversations in colour – Shades of Morocco 2020

    Turmeric, saffron and sandy hues meet clay, dusty rose and shell pink in Souad Larusi’s installation of vintage tribal textiles, which is inspired by the colours of her native Morocco.... read more

  • Before Corona struck Souad Larusi spent much of her time travelling between London and Morocco, sourcing rare and unique rugs, throws and wall-hangings. A longing for the warmth and vibrancy of... read more

  • ...the collection includes weavings by the Tuareg people, a Nomadic tribe from the Sahara Desert, living across an area that covers parts of Mali, Niger, Libya, Algeria and Burkina Faso. These... read more

  • Every Tuareg rug is unique and carries a story of the weaver and the tribe. The rugs are both functional and beautiful, often featuring hand-stitched embellishments that demonstrate the skill of... read more

  • ‘So I used my favourite Azilal rug as the starting point and built the palette around it, adding in earthy pinks and deep rose tones, as well as ecru, sandy browns and darker... read more

  • Imperfect Beauty, an exhibition of Souad Larusi’s personal collection of textiles

    This beautifully curated selection of vintage and contemporary textiles is underpinned by a monochrome palette, allowing the workmanship in each handcrafted piece to shine.

  • ‘For me, the attraction lies in the tactility, the techniques used to make them. The skill of the maker is everything,’ explains Souad, who has an innate understanding of how to apply these... read more

  • The collection encompasses finds from Souad’s travels through Europe, North Africa and Asia, the majority sourced from Morocco and Turkey. The earliest pieces date back to the 1960s, and there... read more

  • Pieces include larger works intended for wallhangings, throws and bedcovers, and smaller items, designed to be integrated into cushions and curtains. Primarily made from wool, fleece, hide and... read more

  • A celebration of tradition, Souad’s fascinating collection showcases skills passed between generations, which are gradually dying out. From hand-spun woollen wraps worn by women in the north of... read more

  • ‘I’m always fascinated by the structure of the textiles, and how the material is achieved,’ she says. ‘I love how these pieces have been made in a very free, expressive way. They are a... read more

  • A celebration of tradition, Souad’s fascinating collection showcases skills passed between generations, which are gradually dying out. From hand-spun woollen wraps worn by women in the north of... read more

  • Launch of our new collection of shawls designed by Souad Larusi

    The shawls expand on Souad’s love for textiles, that combine rich, subtle colour combinations and impeccable handmade craftsmanship. They are designed to complement her existing collection of... read more

  • Each shawl is woven from the softest wool, and is created by diagonally stitching two double-sided coloured panels together. The edges are intentionally left unfinished to create a raw and relaxed... read more

  • Sourcing trip to Morocco

    Souad has just spent three weeks in Morocco sourcing and personally supervising the preparation of our latest batch of rugs for our upcoming collection. As is the Larusi way, a lot of time, care... read more

  • Recent project | Living Rooms

    Larusi are proud to continue their relationship with Living Rooms to provide unique vintage floor coverings for their latest venture, Weymouth Mews, in Marylebone, designed by award winning... read more

  • Larusi supplied a selection of rare vintage rugs for the project: lush Berber Beni Ouarain rugs and intricately woven flatweaves from the Middle Atlas region of Morocco that contribute to a... read more

  • Waste Knot – the art of the Zindekh

    Exhibition at Larusi 01-14 Feb 2019
    Our new studio space was launched with an exhibition of Zindekh rugs. The exhibition was very well received, and together with an accompanying feature in... read more

  • Measuring around 60cm by 100cm, small mats made with left over wool and fabrics on plastic flour sack backing, each Zindekh represents a unique act of creativity, as well as a brilliant example of... read more

  • Traditional Berber rugs are only made by women; passing on their unique knowledge of design and craft to the younger generation; it is this genuine creativity of pattern and design that we seek in... read more

  • Larusi travels far and wide to add new pieces to its unique collection of Berber rugs assembled over two decades.

  • Behind these walls could lie treasures of the everyday. Souad Larusi, a native of Fes, has established contacts throughout Morocco to help her source the increasingly rare original Berber crafts... read more

  • All our vintage rugs are carefully checked, thoroughly cleaned and where needed carefully restored, so they may continue to radiate their crafted beauty in your home for a long time to... read more

  • Our rugs, textiles and found objects are collected and coveted by design pioneers and tastemakers across the country and beyond – a testament to their unique and enduring