January 2019

World of Interiors - Larusi - the art of the Zindekh

From blue plastic sacking to bits of old twine, anything and everything can be turned into a zindekh to zhoosh up a dimly lit mud house in Morocco's Middle Atlas mountains. But for the dwindling band of Berbers who still make them, these joyous mats are not only an exercise in frugality and recycling - they're often a lifeline too.

Now, thanks to Souad Larusi, the woman who triggered the trend for Beni Ouarain rugs, change could be underfoot tor the indigent weavers. Their tufted wares put a smile on Ros Byam Shaw's face.

Download PDF to read the entire article: World of Interiors- WOI-012019-Happy-Scraps.pdf

Waste Knot: a selling exhibition of Zindekhs, runs at Larusi, Studio 7, 109 Bartholomew Rd, London NW5
(020 7428 0256; larusi.com), 1-14 Feb.

To register, email info@larusi.com


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