March, 21 2014

Larusi recommends: Berber women of Morocco - exhibition

The exhibition runs from 12 March and 20 July and is “an occasion not only to share the richness of the Amazigh civilization, but also to honor Berber women, to whom the Amazigh culture owes its survival. The survival of a culture depends on the transmission of the language, but also on certain, essentially feminine, skills, such as weaving or, in the northern region of the Kingdom, pottery. The exhibition is an opportunity to display the diverse and extraordinary beauty of Berber adornments.
This exhibition presents the most beautiful objects—carpets, cloaks, woven belts, necklaces of amber and coral, silver brooches—predominantly from the sumptuous collection of the Jardin Majorelle’s Musée Berbère in Marrakech, from the collection of le musée du quai Branly, and from private collections.”

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Original Woman’s handira with sequins and decorations; size 110 x 163cm available at Larusi.


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