…But with their graphic abstract patterns, the homespun creations of the Beni Ouarain tribe of Morocco indulged the underlying primitivist proclivities of all modern masters “ - This is how Jeremy Melvin in 2003 introduced Moroccan Berber rugs and Larusi to World of Interiors' readers. *)

Modernist architecture and interior design at its best was always more than utilitarian concrete, steel and glass. Its interest in non-western culture has been rediscovered: Artists and designers such as Paul Klee, Hans Arp, Pablo Picasso and the Eameses found inspiration in the vibrancy of North African culture in the 1920s.

Architects such as Alvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray and Charles Eames and furniture designer Poul Kjaerholm offset new materials with fine wood, leather and other natural finishes and furnished their domestic interiors with Moroccan rugs and other non-western art.  Although 20th century Modernism is now seen more as a style amongst others rather than a vision for the future, it still has a lot to offer to those involved in contemporary design.

photo: Rauno Träskelin

More recently we see a much more diverse approach to interior design being pursued; minimalist design has solicited a response to its austerity, and a new exploration of pattern in both architecture and interior design is taking shape.

*) WOI_Larusi_March 2003.pdf

"One eye sees, the other feels"

Paul Klee