Now, nearly 20 years later, spurred on by her curiosity for well crafted textiles and weavings and encouraged by loyal clients’ particular needs, she has built up a collection with an enlarged range of textiles from all over the world.

The recent resurgent interest in tribal weavings, and in particular Berber Beni Ouarain rugs, has seen a large quantity of low grade imitations flooding the market.  From the outset Larusi has sought to offer only weavings of quality and value, that are genuinely old/vintage.

New rugs and kilims, made to order for our customers, are only produced by weavers who care about what they make and do so to our, and their, high standards. Larusi weavings offer an escape from the vicious circle of planned obsolescence, their enduring style and beauty makes them a posession to treasure for a long time to come.

Larusi is well known as the supplier to go to for original and high quality Beni Ouarains, which are traditionally used for sleeping in. As a natural progression, Souad was drawn to linen for providing not only a more European form of sleeping textile, but moreover its ability to make you feel comfortable and secure. Its inherent qualities of durability and breathability make linen sheets a truly luxurious experience.

Ever thorough in her search, Souad travelled across Europe to source the most authentic and quality product. Then, she selected thread by thread to weave the linen, in mind to create warm tones of grey, almost like shadows where light and colours merge to form that ‘in between’ space. These greys form a kindred partner to the patterned and coloured weavings of rugs, throws and cushions in the existing range. Whether a flatweave, or the textural qualities of a long pile rug, or vintage textiles of blankets, hand embroidered throws and cushions in cottons, wool and silk; from striped, crumpled velvet or a patchwork of rescued fabrics.

Along with Larusi’s other weavings and rugs, the linen sheets are items that are to be enjoyed for many years, providing good value as well as delight.

Larusi featured in House & Garden, Specialist profile, March 2010.pdf


“Texture for your toes at home is a must, and the underfoot fancy we all aspire to own is a vintage Berber pile rug…The best authentic selection is undoubtedly from Larusi”

Michelle Ogundehin, editor of Elle Decoration